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Nowadays Budapest is really lively, regarding to the hamburgers, although we have to say it is always lively. In the last weeks several new burger places had their grand openings. According to Adam, there is one, which could easily be on our top list: for this we must have the same opinion so soon I…..
We have already written about the Brody House. We have been to the place before. They had a brilliant event in connection with fashion. I think fashion is quite boring, however I’ve been watching the performance tensely for more than two hours. Many things have happened in the club’s life since…..
We are fighting on with the fried fat in bread crumbs: we are visiting another Hungarian restaurant, but this time we are not moving on the axis of Kispiac-Pesti disznó. We have rebooted the series and now we are getting back to the basics like Kádár and Norbi étkezde. The Kívánság…..
If I remember correctly, the place has opened in January, but I don’t know what happened to me because I’ve only visited the place to eat some hot soup in the early summer in April, instead of the persistent winter at the end of March. So to make up an excuse they also had cold soups. I’ve…..
Last weekend the place called Élesztő had its grand opening and we could read some really brilliant buzzwords hidden in its facebook invitation (highlighted by me): This week we are going to open the ÉLESZTŐ – the first ever ruin pub with craft beer in Budapest in the Tűzoltó utca! The…..
A new restaurant has opened in the center whose owner claims that: 1: So far you couldn’t eat a normal steak in Hungary 2: But from now on… According to the main idea, the interior of the KNRDY is a little bit similar to the pornographic penthouse presented a few weeks ago: only massive, dark…..
Attention! The following post is about a rummage sex shop. Only those who aren’t afraid of what we have found inside shall read on! If only you knew for how long I’ve been thinking of getting through this entrance: It gives a special, instinctive perversion coming from deep inside when you…..
I have written this writing long ago, but I was a little bit uncertain posting it. In our series where we are looking for the best Hungarian food we are concentrating on meals that can be chosen from a menu at a reasonable price. The Fülemüle is a bit more expensive than the average (and also has…..
Anytime we are talking about Budapest and having a coffee, most of us think about this: And this: The New York and the Centrál cafe are older than Mathuselah. They are from the age when Budapest was a real cafe-superpower. If we visit these places we feel like we are at the turn of the century…..
Usually similar sentences like these occur when you are talking to a friend of yours: Before we went to the Kolor …After we have left the Kolor …We were about to go to the Kolor, but … So anyway a new star has born in only a few weeks. The Kolor had its opening at New Year’s Eve, next to…..
The ÉS bistro located in the Kempinski is so open I have just received three invitations from them. One is for this Monday to try the food in the restaurant, because this will be the first day when the kitchen is operating and you cannot have more relevant invitation than this. And a bit later I…..
I can only think about the Mediterranean region since Sunday. For this problem I have chosen the cheapest from several adequate options of solution. I went to the Sonkaarcok (Hamfaces) located at the Egyetem tér and I have ordered a big wooden platter full of Spanish ham. So many friends of mine…..
It so good that we have the Halkakas with Hungarian fishes, but these are real seafood:  The TheBigFish is located next to Oktogon and owned by the same management, who runs the fish market in Budaörs, so excellent ingredients are guaranteed. This makes the 95% of the good seafood and…..
In my head instead of Pig (Disznó) I had Pieg (dgyesznó) then Piggy (disznyó) and at the end I've decided to be correct so I have changed the title to the original Pig (disznó) so it remained the same: Pesti Disznó (Pest Pig). Finally I could eat well at the Pesti Disznó. It has such a good…..
I was thinking about visiting this place since the middle of the summer and last week I suddenly felt really hungry so I popped in to have some pasta. What I knew before that: It is a small Italian restaurant, where you can buy homemade pastas and dishes made of them. What I did not know: Everyone…..
When I first heard about the Suttogó piano bar I decided to visit it one day. Statements: small cellar under the ground in Pest in the Hajós utca, comfy sofas, mysterious lights and a jazz pianist every night, who plays only for a few people who are there. So one day we visited the place with…..
It is slowly going to be an impossible mission to try each and every new place, to eat everywhere, write about everything. But what is worse - or better - is to get to really cool places because there are so many openings nowadays. For instance regarding Aboszolút Pho I was flirting with the idea…..
We are launching a new series on the blog because together with you we also love series: we found out where the best burgers, gyros' and ice creams are in Budapest and now so to fill the gap we are about to search for restaurants where we can get decent Hungarian food on a…..
There are places which become simply successful. There's nothing to do with quality, because there are several great competitors and nobody cares about them, until someone turns the spotlight on them.Quality is important but that's not all. You need a good concept, loads of money to advertise the…..
You are walking along the Kazinczy utca and you get to the turn that makes this whole street so adorable. You are just staring in front of you to see what is behind the turn and you simply miss to notice the Kazimír bistro. I have also passed it more than a dozen times before I have realized that…..