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On the day that Hungary planned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, streetfighting and chaos erupted for the second time in a month in downtown Budapest. Trouble flared very early in the morning, when police started to remove all the people from Kossuth square who…..
No, this is not 1956. It’s downtown Budapest just yesterday. Someone on the Committee to Organise Memorials to Revolutions in a REALLY STUPID WAY had the grand idea of stationing a soviet tank int he heart of Budapest on a day that everyone knew would bring trouble. Even better: that someone…..
It was exactly 50 years ago, on October 23rd 1956 that the Hungarian Revolution started. The nation, willing to do anything to shake off its Soviet masters took to the streets of Budapest to fight against the hated communist regime. Everything seemed to go the freedom fighters’ way, but after…..
On October 23rd rioting started for the second time on the streets of Budapest. This, however, was preceeded by a month that the international media considered way too boring to care about. Oh, how right they were... Anyway, if you really want to know what happened in Hungary between the end of…..
Riots in Hungary Konspiráció! 2006.09.25 01:39:00
That weird word means conspiracy. There is nothing that Hungarians love more than finding the hidden motives, the dark forces, the foreign infiltrators and the evil bastards trying to milk the noble causes. Since the riots started people from every political persuasion, anti- and pro-government…..
Most of the people who are participating in the ongoing demonstrations are convinced that 50 years after the uprising against the soviets, they are starting another Hungarian revolution. This was strongly condemned by many of those who participated in the 1956 events, and also by president László…..
Riots in Hungary 50 000 2006.09.24 11:12:00
Yesterday night saw the most people on the streets of Budapest since the demonstrations started last Sunday. There were about 50 000 people on Kossuth square, even though it's quite hard to estimate: the organizers say a lot more, everybody else says a lot less.The crowd was pretty impressive…..
Riots in Hungary BREAKING NEWS! 2006.09.22 06:47:00
Yesterday was the first violence-free night in Budapest since Sunday. Super!..
On Monday, September 18th the worst violence since the 1956 uprising broke out on the streets of Budapest. What started out as another peaceful night of demonstrations with about 15 000 people in front of the Parliament building in central Budapest quickly degenerated into full-blown streetfightig,…..
After the first night of demonstrations, President László Sólyom gave a short press conference, where he strongly condemned Gyurcsány's admission of lying to his fellow Hungarians. President László Sólyom: "Yesterday's news have pushed the country into a moral crisis, which is only…..
Riots in Hungary Out in the Streets 2006.09.18 02:07:00
Gyurcsány's speech has immediately sparked outrage. All opposition parties are demanding the prime minister's resignation. The most vocal is the largest of them, Fidesz, and its leader, ex-prime minister Viktor Orbán. Gyurcsány however told journalists that he didn't think about resignation…..
Riots in Hungary Shit Hits the Fan 2006.09.17 19:00:00
On September 17 an audiotape was sent to most major Hungarian newspapers, news sites, TV and radio stations. The recording on the tape was a speech by socialist prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány, supposedly made on May 26. 2006 at a meeting of the Hungarian Socialist Party's (MSZP) MPs. The speech…..
Riots in Hungary Intro 2006.09.16 14:31:00
  On September 17, the biggest riots in Hungary’s post-soviet history started on the streets of Budapest. In the next couple of days, a coalition of football hooligans and extreme right-wing protesters laid seige to the building of the Hungarian state TV, clashed with police and…..