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The story of this "tomb" mounted in the yard of a neighbor's house, close to my house."Chief Illiniwek" will no longer perform in conjunction with the Marching Illlini at UIUC football and basketball events, thus designating the end of a…..
Elyzabeth Cook-Lynn, Crow Creek Sioux poet, novelist and scholar on Indian Studies and postcoloniality.Language and Hip-Hop Culture in a Globalized World--workshop hosted by the UIUC Dept of LinguisticsDavid Berger coaching the UI Jazz Band prior to their concert with the CU Symphonic Orchestra…..
The conversation with Jabari Asim about his recently published book and the N word was the 3rd event in a series relating to NWC: The Race Show at KPAC. It is only now that I have become aware of the politics of the event, thanks to a party I attended. Here is a short overview of my research on the…..
Comedy icon Bill Cosby addressing the plight of black Americans and responding to Michael Eric Dyson's Is Bill Cosby Right? ..   Tornadoes violently rotating columns of air A tornado is defined as a violently rotating column of air in contact with the ground and pendent from a cumulonimbus cloud. Cumulonimbus Clouds…..
The Marching  Illini is the nation's premier marching band. More on the bands here: "University of Illinois Bands is proud to be the world's largest college band program, offering University of Illinois students the highest quality ensemble experiences in…..
It would be most teasing to study Am and Hu cemetery culture (to understand the living through the dead)Morbid combination?..
Chautauqua: korábban fesztivál, művelődési lehetőség a mezőgazdasági munkából élő, városi kultúrához nehezen hozzájutó farmeroknak, amely már az 1880-90-es években nagy népszerűségnek örvendett. Az Urbana Parkkerület 100 éves évfordulóját is Chautaugua-val ünnepelte a….."Global Energy Trends: The Supply/Demand, the Ttechnology and the Policy of Dimensions"USA energy demand:Petroleum: 40.1%Natural gas: 22.6%Coal: 22.9%Nuclear: 8.1%Renewable: 6.1%-- in…..