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Hogyan lehetne méltóbban megünnepelni az Index 10. születésnapját, mint az I. Nemzetközi Fingóversennyel? Sehogy. AZONNALI KÖZLÉSRE Az I. Nemzetközi Fingóverseny Hivatalos Programja Délelőtt 9:50 Szózat. Egressy Béni szerzeményét elfingja a Magyar Rádió Gyermekkórusa, vezényel:…..
Nyerjen Fantasztikus Fingópárnát, hogy soha többé ne kelljen fingania! Az Index 10. születésnapja alkalmából ezennel meghirdeti művészeti jellegű fingópályázatát. A pályázatra nevezni lehet tetszőleges terjedelmű, a fing tematikáját megragadó, annak világát a…..
Belsőség Félistenekben hiszünk 2009.05.14 13:51:00
Többek között ez is olvasható a tipikus amerikai kisáruszállító oldalán. Elgondolkodtató szlogen, különösen ha jól megfigyeljük a kicsit átdolgozott címert is. Valaki(k)nek nem kevés munkájába került, hogy így nézzen ki, nevezhetjük bátran művészetnek is, manapság pláne,…..
Az egyik leghíresebb történelmi jelentőségű fingot Adolf Hitler hallatta egy 1933-as beszédében, mint az az alábbi, bizonyító erejű felvételen hallható. De a fing univerzális jelenség: nemcsak a gonosz Hitler fingott, hanem más, nem gonosz hírességek is. Ki gondolná az…..
Játssza el, amit eddig nem mert! Erre nyújt lehetőséget a csodálatos fingzongora! ..
Fingóverseny 10.0 Fingós játék! 2009.05.13 10:04:00
A fing mindennapjaink része, ugyanakkor kiapadhatatlan humorforrás. Erre mutatunk be néhány példát. Jó szórakozást!   Hillary Clinton fingik!  Fingás a Ryan közlegény megmentésében! Szupervicces! Fingás az időjárás-jelentésben! Nem kamu, megaLOL!  A fing…..
English-language gastro blog reports that some American tourists were forced to hide in a restaurants' toilet when police raided the place on October 23. looking for rioters. A Canadian man and a German couple were beaten up, according to Budapest restaurants need larger…..
Cop ID Contest update: "Do you recognize him?" That's what this hand-drawn poster, discovered by a friend on a wall near Madách tér in downtown Budapest asks passers-by. What's next? Pics on milk boxes? ..
Riots in Hungary Gyurcsány on CNN 2006.09.21 14:52:00
Aside from the short but definitely funny appearance of Hungarian ambassador András Simonyi on the Colbert Nation (watch the show here) rarely has a prominent Hungarian figure appeared on any major US station. Until now. Gyurcsány was interviewed by CNN’s Nic Robertson on Thursday. General…..
Football hooligans were clearly in the avant-garde of rioters during the September 18 MTV siege and the following street fights: police have since identified hardcore fans of Újpest and FTC among the demonstrators. Riots in Hungary has gathered further evidence to prove the football connection…..
Civil rights groups, including the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (TASZ) are questioning the legality of some police actions taken during the October 23 riots. Pictures and videos show police beating and kicking people lying on the ground defenseless, sometimes already in handcuffs; cops throwing…..
Riots in Hungary Tank Man Lookalike 2006.10.26 12:38:00
Remember the lone protester who halted tanks by simply standing in front of them on Beijing’s Tienanmen square in 1989? Now that’s an easy job compared to what this Hungarian protester did to a tank in Budapest on October 23: he hijacked it. Watch the video here. As the picture…..
Not that this is funny or something, but so far this is all  we have: a piece of revolutionary folk art we received via smut-specialized sister blog Subba. Creepy, huh? ..
About 200-300 protesters gathered Wednesday evening on Kossuth tér near Parliament to commemorate the victims of a volley that killed at least 70 and injured 150 demonstrators on that day 50 years ago. This time, police did not intervene and even let three demonstrators cross the double cordon to…..
Most major English-language publications ran the story of the October 23 Budapest riots. Even the Khaleej Times had something to say: based in the United Arab Emirates, the paper wants "fresh elections" in Hungary. Kate Connolly reported for major Australian and British news organs from a…..
ike 2006.10.25 18:03:07
Creativity, speed and good improvisation skills are an absolute must if you try to build a street barricade during riots. There is little opportunity to use bring-it-yourself materials, so you have to get on with whatever you find on the scene, and good timing is essential if you want to avoid gas…..
Wonder what happened and where? Having a hard time visualizing events and matching them with locations? To the rescue: Interactive Riot Walkthrough from the guys who brought you the now famous tank video, live reports, loads of pictures and the Barricade Building Contest. Click on the picture below…..
In fact, they aren’t yet. By 7:30 pm Monday, fights center on Rákóczi út, with police pushing one wing of the protesters towards the Erzsébet bridge and the other wing towards Blaha Lujza tér. I arrive at the latter just in time to witness the entrée of a bunch of bikers decorated with…..
ike 2006.10.25 09:04:08
On a second thought, I may opt for peace. I run back home to check my mailbox, and what do I find? An e-mail with a subject that says "Step into the Revolution!". It’s from Lauer Learning, a U.S. company that has developed Freedom Fighter 56, a "historically accurate educational…..
Ok, so my next stunt is to try and overtake the slowly moving  police forces and face the water cannons that are squeezing rioters out of Deák tér, herding them towards Astoria where opposition party Fidesz is holding its ’56 memorial event. It’s 7:20 pm, and the crowd looks like…..
Back in the black-and-white days of 1956, street fashion was simple and practical, if not a bit dull – as seen on this archive photo of a revolutionary couple.   Fifty years later? Brave selection of colors and patterns (note the perfect matching of belt and scarf) on this couple…..
Since I live on Andrássy út (Budapest’s Champs Elysées sans the fancy fashion stores), I simply walk down the road to face a line of riot police blocking my way across Bajcsy Zsilinszky út on Monday, at around 6:20 PM. No traffic on the otherwise busy  four-lane street; many walk in…..
It’s 5 o’clock pm on the Nagykörút (grand boulevard) near Oktogon. An old, olive green Hungarian-made Csepel military truck carries what seems to be a load of protesters dressed up in revolution-era historic costumes. Ah, actors. The big white cyrillic letters painted on the back of…..
Hír TV, (News TV) known for its sympathy for right-wing politics in general and the largest opposition party, Fidesz in particular, has literally been in the forefront of the riots since the beginning. Hír TV was the only station with live coverage of the MTV siege -  their footage was…..